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Oakland, California
We want to redesign an existing 4,000 sq. ft. office space to be a more comfortable, functional hub for our growing team. Intentions for this project are to: --Increase the number of open plan workstations from 8 to 30 --Convert current offices into spaces for small group work
Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability/Environmental
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San Francisco, California
Dance Mission is currently facing the challenges of rising rents and lease instability.
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Detroit, Michigan
We Have 2 Acres of land we want to develop a Coffee Shop, Soul Food Restaurant, Banquet Hall, and a two story training center to house our trade school. We provide holistic community services in the heart of the City of Detroit.
Architecture, Interior Design
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Johnstown, Pennsylvania
What would you do if a child showed up on your doorstep seeking shelter from an unsafe or abusive environment possibly even at risk of death?
Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainability/Environmental
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New York, New York
GVYC helps the most at-risk adolescents in NYC transform their lives.
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Newark, New Jersey
Architecture, Engineering
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hialeah gardens, Florida
New Vision for Life is a recently created 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose founder has a special expertise in Adapted Physical Exercise programming for children ages 6-12, teenagers, 13-17 and young adults ages 18-21.
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Seattle, Washington
Seattle Public School District has been saving energy for the past 10+ years. We want our school to be nationally recognized for our efforts by becoming Energy Star Certified. In order to do so, we need help from a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer to verify our application.
Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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New York, New York
We have been fortunate to have had free office space for the past 3 years but we are growing fast (currently 14 full-timers, 2 part-timers), and we need to develop a long-term strategy for finding/funding our own space. We need helping in sizing our space for the future 5 + years.
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