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San Francisco, California
1850 Bryant is being constructed because most modern office buildings were not designed for and are incompatible with providing direct social services.
Architecture, Interior Design
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Richmond, Texas
Outpatient Mental Healthcare for veterans, homeless and vulnerable populations to provide comprehensive health care services delivery systems by NDANDO HOUSE a community-based nonprofit agency.
Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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St. Petersburg, Florida
I would like to build a hotel mini-camp which is a hotel resort with a mini-camp attached to it to give family and caregivers an opportunity to take a much needed vacation stay.
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Oakland, California
We want to redesign an existing 4,000 sq. ft. office space to be a more comfortable, functional hub for our growing team. Intentions for this project are to: --Increase the number of open plan workstations from 8 to 30 --Convert current offices into spaces for small group work
Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability/Environmental
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The FSC helps children who are victims of sexual or domestic abuse with therapy services, including play therapy. Our existing play structure is non-ADA compliant and we would like to design a new play area and to seek capital funds to cover the costs.
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Park Ridge, Illinois
We currently lease space from another non-profit, owners of the building. Assistance needed to plan for renovation of existing space and potential for second floor addition. Our roof is leaking, children are navigating around buckets on the floor, therapy materials are compromised.
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Sitka, Alaska
The Mill building is a 3500 square foot contributing structure to the Sheldon Jackson Training School National Historic Landmark. It was once a saw mill that was used for vocational training of Alaska Natives.
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Richmond, California
Urban Ecology is under contract with the City of Richmond to conduct a community planning process for the Elm Park Playlot. We are working in partnership with POGO Parks (http://web.me.com/toodym/Online_pitch/home.html).
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San Francisco, California
The office space is not being used to its capacity. It is an irregular shaped space, with angles and lots of windows. We would like to have someone assess the space and provide a layout on how to best use the space.
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