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Hempstead, New York
In every community, youth are left alone to find their own form of recreation and companionship in the streets or at home without adult supervision.
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Greenville, Illinois
Our organization is considering accepting the gift of a three story building on the downtown square in Greenville, Illinois. It is a brick structure formerly used as a Masonic Lodge.
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Menlo Park, California
The building that we currently occupy and have occupied for 11 years for our homeless Veterans must be vacated and demolished due to seismic issues. All staff and clients must be relocated by December 31, 2011.
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Charlotte, North Carolina
The purpose of this project is to earn Energy Star Building Certification for the Family Life Center building. The intent of this project is to verify the building 1) Meets the Requirements and 2) Earns the certification to help verify building efficacy.
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Greenville, Illinois
The project involves renovating the former Masonic Temple in Greenville, Illinois into a multi-faceted business and ministry incubator space.
Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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San Francisco, California
1850 Bryant is being constructed because most modern office buildings were not designed for and are incompatible with providing direct social services.
Architecture, Interior Design
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Oakland, California
We want to redesign an existing 4,000 sq. ft. office space to be a more comfortable, functional hub for our growing team. Intentions for this project are to: --Increase the number of open plan workstations from 8 to 30 --Convert current offices into spaces for small group work
Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability/Environmental
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Brooklyn, New York
Foundations For Life, Inc. is committed to providing families with counseling, educational programs, conflict resolution classes, career development, tutorial, and youth programs that will enable them to become culturally, socially, and economically self-sufficient.
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New York, New York
Friends of Island Academy was founded in 1990 to bring opportunity to young people leaving jail on Rikers Island.
Architecture, Interior Design
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