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Marietta, Georgia
Tommy Nobis Center is a non-profit headquartered in Marietta that provides employment training and employment to individuals with all types of disabilities; physical, developmental, mental, those resulting from accident (such as traumatic brain injuries) or illness (such as stroke).
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Chicago, Illinois
The Prodigal Son. Odysseus. Marty McFly. These characters tell the stories of long, arduous journeys and epic adventures. And then, they returned home.
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Sausalito, California
Headlands is currently seeking to develop a comprehensive scope of work and cost assessment of the work required to make its Gymnasium renovation project "shovel-ready." Building 952, one of Headlands' nine historic former military buildings, is a nearly 6,000 square foot former Gy
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Pearland, Texas
We want to design a building that can be used for our church in its traditional "church" ministries: Sunday worship meeting, classes for kids, etc. But we also want it designed to include a smallish coffee shop (like 600 sq. ft.) that we can use throughout the week.
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering
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Miami, Florida
Trinity is relocating from Palmetto Bay FL to Goulds FL. Our new offices will enable us to have community training space and the opportunity to provide a center for small and home based businesses.
Interior Design
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Miami Springs, Florida
The Miami Springs Historical Museum is moving to a new location (approximately 1200 sq ft) provided by the City of Miami Springs. The building is a former "field house"located at the edge of a sports facility and adjoining public schools, and must be renovated before occupancy.
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Richmond, Texas
Outpatient Mental Healthcare for veterans, homeless and vulnerable populations to provide comprehensive health care services delivery systems by NDANDO HOUSE a community-based nonprofit agency.
Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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San Francisco, California
Project Description: The project is located at 166 Eddy Street in the Tenderloin neighborhood on a high crime block.
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Shrub Oak, New York
Our adult room needs to accommodate people who need quiet space for study and work while using the library wireless. At the same time we need space for services like our Senior Benefits Information Center, computer instruction, and reference services, all of which generate noise.
Architecture, Interior Design
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