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New York, New York
ATC’s One Healthy Block TM proposes to combine the components of access to preventive health care, retail, restaurant, recreation, education and training activities and personal services in a community center setting that will address prevention of chronic care disease, mirror a model of sustaina
Interior Design, Urban Planning, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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Brooklyn, New York
Sometimes to clear the barriers between the potential of a vacant lot and the dreams of a community, we need to add professional services. 596 Acres is led by an attorney and a computer programmer.
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Providence, Rhode Island
Allan Shawn Feinstein @ Broad Street Elementary School achieved an Energy Star score of 97 for Fiscal Year 2016, and has maintained high scores over the past several years. All stairwell lighting was replaced with LED's in 2016.
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New York, New York
We are in great need of an office redesign and revamping, due to staff growth and office layout changes. Our office layout and decor does not offer a positive flow for energy, creativity, and general enthusiasm.
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San Diego, California
We are moving to a new facility in direct proximity to 32nd Street Naval Station which we would like to utilize for classrooms, practical instruction as well as counseling.
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Gilsum, New Hampshire
We are looking to build an 8 stall horse barn on the property. The stalls will need to be a minimum of 12'x12' with an aisle in the center 12' in width.
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Los Angeles, California
The Garden School Foundation has enjoyed free office space at a landscape architecture firm in Santa Monica for the last few years and is now looking for a place nearer to the community we serve in South and East Los Angeles.
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Colorado Springs, Colorado
Abundant Harvest Community Garden Outreach is a local organization that is transitioning from traditional farming to growing more nutritious and healthy produce using Hydroponic and Aquaponics growing methods.
Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability/Environmental
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Seattle, Washington
Seattle Public School District has been saving energy for the past 10+ years. We want our school to be nationally recognized for our efforts by becoming Energy Star Certified. In order to do so, we need help from a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer to verify our application.
Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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