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Houston, Texas
Architecture, Landscape Architecture
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Culver City, California
In 1997, Katya, Katiana and Erick Bozzi founded the STAR Eco Station as a division of STAR Education. The STAR Eco Station is an environmental science museum, exotic wildlife rescue center, and a haven for endangered and illegally trafficked exotic animals confiscated by the U.S.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Want to go out on a limb for the arts--literally? Building a house in the treetops is hardly a new idea, but the concept has blossomed into a creative venture for Think & Wonder Inc. and it is more than just planks of wood nailed to an old oak tree. Think & Wonder Inc.
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New York, New York
Sweet Generation is a social enterprise bakery that trains and employs at-risk and disconnected young people from economically distressed communities exhibiting poverty and resource deprivation.
Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering
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Hempstead, New York
In every community, youth are left alone to find their own form of recreation and companionship in the streets or at home without adult supervision.
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Altadena, California
Full Circle Thrift (FCT) is signing a lease this week for a 6,000 square foot property in Altadena. It is an old Kragen store.
Interior Design
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McLean, Virginia
We recently completed a much-needed expansion to our church campus. At the same time we had hoped to renovate our existing narthex/ladies' lounge, but budget over-runs for the new building precluded any design services for this area.
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San Francisco, California
Pangea Legal Services is a nonprofit organization located in the San Francisco Financial District, near the Northern California Immigration Courts. We serve immigrants and refugees in deportation proceedings in immigration court.
Interior Design
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Atlanta , Georgia
Herein Atlanta, Georgia, the Hattiesburg University Foundation-Atlanta is developing its first single family homes' project.
Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture
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