Project Description
Oakland, California
We provided a planting plan and conceptual design alternatives for the entry to the school. Timeline The planting was installed but the money was not available for the entry improvements.
San Antonio , Texas
Los Caminos Naturales is a 25 mile natural multipurpose (hike, bike, equestrian) trails system and visitor/interpretive center designed to interpret natural environment. Timeline 2011 - 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana
HKS designed an addition of a Nursing Mom's Nest at the Indianapolis Zoo. The room is the vision of a strategic collaboration with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health and key vendors for the Simon Family Tower Va.2 project.
Albany, New York
Site and exterior design of deteriorated parcel in downtown Albany, NY. New design will include a mixed use retail and office building, three low rise multi-family apartment buildings for affordable housing.
Portland, Oregon
The renovation of existing restrooms to serve as a laser tattoo removal clinic for homeless and low-income youth.
Brooklyn, New York
Coffee Shop + Community Space in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York
New Orleans, Louisiana
A Writer's Cabin built in memory of Moira and Stephen Ambrose will provide a deeply forested retreat for writers to join the Artist-in-Residence programs offered at A Studio in the Woods. This 500 SF cottage includes sleeping, working, and support functions in communion with nature.
Somerville, Massachusetts
The design incorporates granite transitional sidewalk curbing to create an performance area and informal seating area. Outdoor Performance Seating Area and Market
Bogota, Colombia
The UNHCR needed to increase the quality of their video appeal for funders with a graphical support.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Green Line project was conceived and initiated by Workshop Architecture with input from the Davenport Neighbourhood Association. The project's purpose was to create a vision for the public use of a 5km long hydro corridor across mid-town Toronto.
Bozeman, Montana
Design consulting with ongoing strawbale housing prototypes, volunteer labor on multiple site-built strawbale homes in Montana and South Dakota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Midtown Greenway Coalition would like to propose a change to the walkway above the greenway (central bike path through the city of Minneapolis) between Portland and Chicago Avenues.