Project Description
San Antonio, Texas
Community center received a grant to have local artists work with inner-city youth to design and fabricate a ceramic tile mural representing historic Texas musicians. Freestanding curved wall at a historic train station plaza
Portland, Oregon
This competition is part of a multi-pronged effort by the City of Portland to retain families with children in the city's neighborhoods in the face of increasingly unaffordable conventional detached housing.
Phoenix, Arizona
This is a small project, but it represents how our office values, and character. For the past two years, we have been involved in a local fundraiser called "Wine for Woofs and Beer for Barks".
Frederick, Colorado
Masterplanning for future Sanctuary, School, Housing and Agricultural functions
Charlotte, North Carolina
This project includes the design of a new playground, basketball and volleyball court as well as additional overflow parking and new landscaping.
Oakland, California
Conceptual and Construction Documents for the Redesign of the Library Courtyard.
Seattle, Washington
The Agros Site Development Manual is a best practices document being developed in collaboration with The Global Studio for Agros International. Agros International is a Seattle-based, non-profit organization that works with poor, landless farmers in Central America and Mexico.
Erechim, Brazil
Hospital + Medical Office.
Raleigh, North Carolina
In 2008 we worked with Community Partnerships, a local non-profit agency dedicated to creating opportunity for people of all ages with disabilities or social and economic disadvantages to pursue their dreams and engage fully in the community life.
Seattle, Washington
YouthCare's Orion Center offers a range of services to homeless and at-risk youth in downtown Seattle - from meals and showers to education and employment training programs.
Grand Forks, North Dakota
GroundUp Adventures is a nonprofit group that emphasizes outdoor recreation in the Red River Valley. JLG has worked closely with them to develop a highly-sustainable facility that will act as headquarters for water activities on the local rivers, as well as bicycles for the paved trail system.
Keene, New Hampshire
Local Initiative to develop an people friendly dog park in the city of Keene, NH