Project Description
Sausalito, California
Silent auction donation to Annette Rose Foundation
Austin, Texas
The Wild Basin Preserve contacted me about serving on their Executive Board while they prepare their Master Plan this year for renovation and new additions to the existing Nature preserve. Initial project completion: Conference center. Commercial
Denver, Colorado
The Troy Aikman Foundation, Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation and Hasbro joined forces to create the latest Zone children's play area at the Denver Health children's hospital in Denver, Colo.
Seattle, Washington
TI for Common Ground office relocation Timeline completion May - June 2008
Los Angeles, California
The Greening Plan for Inglewood and Lennox will focus on identifying land areas to increase strategic tree planting, community gardens, practices that capture and/or conserve rainwater, and other strategic landscaping opportunities.
Dallas , Texas
The new YW Women's Center, Ebby's Place,is named after inspirational community leader Ebby Halliday, and will serve as a place for poor working women to change their lives, and for the community to get involved like never before.
Frederick, Colorado
New Sanctuary addition design for growing community
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Design and implementation of an ADA accessible community playground through local non-profit organization, Field of Dreams Foundation.
brooklyn, New York
temporary landscape: a pasture for an urban space 1600 sq feet Location: downtown Brooklyn, NYC Date: june-august 2005 Budget: $18,000 Sponsors: NYSCA, The Independence Community Foundation, lower Manhattan cultural council, private sponsors
Detroit , Michigan
A new restaurant building and park is situated along Grand River Avenue leading into the center of downtown Detroit.
Monroe, Michigan
The client is currently going through a re-branding and image change. The goal of this project was to extend this process to their current building through a facade alteration. Timeline Started May 2014 and completed by November 2014
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Last year, more than 1,800 homeless young people ages 16-21 turned to YouthLink as a safe and supportive refuge from life on the street. Many of these young people lack the preparation, skills, resources and support they need to live independently.