Project Description
Tempe, Arizona
Conceived as a healing garden for physically disabled persons to undertake a "cash crop" of baby vegetables and cut flowers while experiencing physical therapy and safe outdoor surroundings. The Centers for Habilitation, Owner.
Redwood City, California
During initial stages of the 612 Jefferson project, BAR Architects worked with Habitat Greater San Francisco to create test-fits and feasibility studies as part of Habitat Greater San Franciso’s decision to acquire property for the development.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Redesign of workstations for the School Improvement Department - part of the Academic Affairs Department Timeline First Quarter 2011
Indianapolis, Indiana
R&B ARCHITECTS DONATED 10% OF THEIR TIME TO THIS PROJECT. R&B Architects LLC has been working since spring 2012 with Save Our Vets to create veteran training facilities for the greater Indiana Area.
Chicago, Illinois
ModCom is a proposal to revitalize infill vacant land and communities with prefabricated micro community labs.
Houston, Texas
The Furniture Bank distributes donated furnishings at no cost to families and individuals who have found housing through a social service agency or are assisted through a non-profit community organization.
San Carlos, California
The initial request was for capital campaign material (imagery and cost estimates) for a dome structure to host events, exhibitions, and competitions.
Jonesboro, Arkansas
existing County Courthouse and Annex needed to be brought up to Accessibility Standards
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The mission is to provide supportive housing for individuals on the Autism spectrum. Appropriate Supportive Housing can help emancipate these individuals and allow them to lead more fulfilled lives and also become valued contributors to our society.
North Brentwood, Maryland
Design and Construct a 30,000 square foot African American Museum and Cultural Center. North Brentwood , Maryland is the oldest incorporated, predominately African American community in Prince Georges County, Maryland.
Larchmont, New York
A Green Roof Installtion as part of a pilot program on Stormwater Management at the Middle School level.
Troy, Ohio
Conversion of a residential duplex into an emergency shelter for men. Provides housing for 15 men. A family bedroom suite is being provided for residents who have custody of children.