Project Description
Seattle, Washington
The Agros Site Development Manual is a best practices document being developed in collaboration with The Global Studio for Agros International. Agros International is a Seattle-based, non-profit organization that works with poor, landless farmers in Central America and Mexico.
Portland, Oregon
This competition is part of a multi-pronged effort by the City of Portland to retain families with children in the city's neighborhoods in the face of increasingly unaffordable conventional detached housing.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What surrounds us shapes us. Where we work, where we live - the design of these spaces impact our well-being and health, improves performance and increases overall self-esteem.
Baocia, Haiti
The Bakery was a collaboration by several organizations, including BAR Architects, Haiti Partners, and Extollo International. Construction of the building was used to train local tradespeople in safe construction techniques, using materials and systems readily available in Haiti.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Midtown Greenway Coalition would like to propose a change to the walkway above the greenway (central bike path through the city of Minneapolis) between Portland and Chicago Avenues.
Dallas, Texas
When HKS's team of designers was asked to design a child's playhouse for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, they chose to focus on the imagination and childhood activities instead of designing a playhouse that carried a strong architectural theme.
New York, New York
Office Building / Apartment / factory building
Loves Park, Illinois
$200,000 renovation to relocate the Food Bank's Northwest Center into a former grocery store space.
Wilmington, North Carolina
This stormwater wetland was the last of several BMP's to assist in handling stormwater discharge and improving water quality to Burnt Mill Creek, an urbanized creek in Wilmington, NC.
North Mankato, Minnesota
After outgrowing two previous facilities, this nonprofit garnered a massive community effort with donated materials and services to construct a new space for their multi-use facility.
Austin, Texas
The Studio Annex is a multi-purpose space for yoga, martial arts and music during school hours, and parent meetings and get-toghethers outside school hours. Timeline This project began in May 2007 and construction was finished at the end of October 2007.