Project Description
Baltimore, Maryland
The conceptual design for the site accross from the 134 year old Synogogue showed a mixed use including Rabbi's Housing and Community Space. Other areas of the would be leased as market rate retail or live/work spaces Mixed Use
Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
EFSD identified prize money available through Design for a Difference contest, and contacted The Salvation Army Family Shield Residence to partner with. The Residence provides emergency and short term shelter for families in transition.
South Boston , Massachusetts
The proposed project site is located in the City Point neighborhood in South Boston, stretching from East Fifth Street to East Sixth Street between O Street and P street.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Redesign of workstations for the School Improvement Department - part of the Academic Affairs Department Timeline First Quarter 2011
Columbia, Missouri
The Challenger Division of Little League Baseball provides boys and girls who have developmental or physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits and excitement of playing on a baseball team. The program is for children ages 5-18 that live anywhere in Mid-Missouri
Los Angeles, California
Landscape Architectural services in partnership with the Watts House Project.
Los Angeles, California
The proposed building for California Green Works is an educational center with an emphasis on water quality/ conservation and ecology. The proposed facility would also act as a community center making computers and the internet available to the public.
Lake Oswego, Oregon
The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is moving into a new office space which Tello Interiors is designing.
Jonesboro, Arkansas
existing County Courthouse and Annex needed to be brought up to Accessibility Standards
Austin, Texas
The Wild Basin Preserve contacted me about serving on their Executive Board while they prepare their Master Plan this year for renovation and new additions to the existing Nature preserve. Initial project completion: Conference center. Commercial
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Building Alternatives to Nursing Homes:
Gardena, California
The launch of the 2016 Greenbuild Legacy Project took place on Friday April 22, Earth Day 2016. The first event was a student build attended by local middle schools students who will be using the space in the future.