Perry Street Historic Facade Renovations - Phase I

Attica, Indiana
Project Description

Six months and countless volunteer hours in the planning, the Main Street Attica Committee is ready to unveil their Phase I Plan for Downtown Attica Faºade Renovations. Sparked by a $330,402 Grant from the State of Indiana's Office of Community Rural Affairs (OCRA), and with the professional assistance of Brenner Design Architects and Silvercreek Engineers, the Phase I report updates all 38 Historic Structures in the Downtown Attica Distinct, and proposes renovating 14 Key Buildings.
'We are excited to be ready to start the first phase of bringing Downtown Attica back to life!"Ø, says City of Attica Clerk Sharon Negele. "The support from our community and our city leaders has been incredible! I never knew so many people cared about our important downtown."
The total half-million dollars in renovations is 2/3 funded by State Grants. Another 1/3 comes from individual building owners re-investing in their properties. The final 1/3 has been raised by community leaders, historic preservationists, and from individual gifts. Over the next 2 months, building owners will contribute an additional $51,000 to the city run project.
Brenner Design is serving as the Architect of Record.

Bidding - 06 April 2009
Construction - 22 Weeks
Completion - September 2009

PHASE II - Funding Pending
Design - September 2009
Bidding - April 2010
Consruction - 52 weeks
Completion - April 2011

PHASE III - Pending Funding