Affordance, Intelligente and design furniture for Parks and Recreations

Paris, France
Project Description

Public Outdoor Space project with Smart Street Furniture for Parks & Recreations of the City of Paris.
- Green Alley / Jardin de Reuilly - 12eme Arrondissement
- Parc Serge Gainsbourg - 19eme Arrondissement
- Paris CityHall Square - 4eme Arrondissement
- Cite des Sciences de La Vilette / Paris


this project has to be developed in Parks and recreations, and give a real new interest by the design of the items wich improve the neigbohoord and the Intelligent aspect wich give you through an app the geolocalization of the Items, and cultural information of your neighborhoo. It also give you the possibility to connect with the others users and make new connections.