The Gathering Place - Healing Garden

Beachwood, Ohio
Project Description

THE GATHERING PLACE is a non-profit organization offering support to patients of cancer and their families. Bialosky+ Partners has worked with The Gathering Place from its inception, as one of its founding members was Jack A. Bialosky, Jr.

Bialosky Cleveland worked with Virginia Burt of Visionscapes, a noted Canadian landscape architect, in the creation of an outdoor healing garden. This programmed, sequential garden consists of a series of outdoor rooms and spaces designed to symbolically represent the physical and emotional journey taken by cancer patients.

Bialosky Cleveland worked as a member of the design planning team, designing the physical structures in the garden such as the portico and pavilion. We facilitated the approval process for the garden with the City of Beachwood and aided in the construction observation process. Examples of design and natural elements worked into the healing garden include a labyrinth, pool of grass, storybook maze, sacred mountain, magic woods and an edible garden. The garden is nearing completion and incorporates the work of several artists and sculptors including Walter Rickli and David Hind.

In addition, The Gathering Place has asked Bialosky + Partners to serve on its steering group to provide strategic and long-range planning for its organization and facilities.