MACC Office Pro Bono Project

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Project Description

This pro bono renovation project transforms a downtown Minneapolis mental health clinic waiting room into a collaborative workspace for a membership organization that provides management and administrative services to nonprofit human service organizations.
A key goal for MACC was to provide a comfortable, energizing environment where staff and members can gather and share ideas, with space for flexible work styles (such as hoteling), training, team meetings, and socializing. To meet this goal, the design divides the office into three zones: a focus zone for heads-down concentration, a share zone for team meetings and training, and a social zone for informal gathering. Each zone features furniture that supports its specific function. Semi-enclosed booth seating accommodates private laptop use or one-on-one conversations. A semi-circle meeting table at a stand-up height serves active, collaborative sessions. A casual lounge grouping invites relaxed conversation. With a large-scale rectilinear pattern reminiscent of patio pavers, the carpet helps to delineate the three activity zones, and movable divider screens create flexibility to adjust the space as needed.