Frenchtown Presbyterian Church

Frenchtown, New Jersey
Project Description

This was a mid-19th Century classical Church renovation. To accommodate and facilitate continuing growth the church launched an ambitious renovation and construction project. Working closely with the community, we aimed to restore its interiors after 50 years of neglect. It was originally painted bubble gum pink, with ripped and taped-up red carpeting.

Our goal was to updating its interiors, the scope of work required additional lighting, air-conditioning, re-plastering the walls, refurbishing the pews, and new wall-to-wall carpeting. As a result of an extensive renovation, the sanctuary was remodeled, the fellowship hall was remodeled and expanded, a new kitchen was added, the basement was expanded, and office space was installed above the fellowship hall.


We had uncovered the existing organ pipes that were originally covered over and not visible to anyone. It is now a focal point to the altar, and helps emphasize sound.

The community was very appreciative and thrilled with the outcome.