Grand Forks, North Dakota
Project Description

GroundUp Adventures is a nonprofit group that emphasizes outdoor recreation in the Red River Valley. JLG has worked closely with them to develop a highly-sustainable facility that will act as headquarters for water activities on the local rivers, as well as bicycles for the paved trail system. Designed to be staffed by a single person, the facility will consist of two standard shipping containers, one for staff and small equipment, and the other for large rentals. Virtually every facet of the project exemplifies low impact sustainability: the entire boathouse is seasonal and portable (removed for winter and spring flooding, placed on permanent piers in the summer); reuse of shipping containers; solar power for minor electrical needs; natural light; natural ventilation and cooling; non-potable water for washing equipment pumped from the river; and site location determined by maximum shading and breezes. At approximately 800 square feet total, the boathouse can be expanded by adding more containers, closes completely during off hours for security, and will provide local enthusiasts a much needed opportunity to interact with their environment.

94.75 Hours