Camp Wildwood

Altamont, New York
Project Description

EYP is proud to partner with Wildwood Programs, a non-profit that provides supports and services to individuals who live with developmental disabilities and their families, to transform the administration and nursing facilities at Camp Wildwood into a 1900 square foot, permanent year round facility.

Camp Wildwood is home to Wildwood School's summer extension program located just outside the Village of Altamont, NY on 87 acres of undeveloped land. For six weeks every summer, as many as 200 local children with developmental disabilities who are in danger of regressing without summer programming, receive educational, therapeutic, medical and behavioral supports at Camp Wildwood, while simultaneously experiencing the joys of summer camp that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of their disabilities. Over 150 special education teachers, teaching assistants, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, adaptive physical education teachers, swim instructors, music and art therapists and other clinicians work at the camp. The camp's administration and nursing staff are currently working in seasonal trailers that were purchased in the 70's. Our firm's mission is to design a facility that, provides a safer and more flexible environment, meets the unique needs of Wildwood's students and staff, and is accessible year-round to the many other programs Wildwood has to offer beyond the summer camp.

The Administration Pavilion includes: an administrative assistants area with visual access to the parking lot and the pool, work spaces for four social workers, a private office for the Camp Director, and two meeting rooms are provided that serve as flexible work space for administrative staff and large meetings of up to 12 people.

The Nurses' Pavilion includes: a small waiting area for triage patients with visual and direct accessibility to the nurse desk counter space, an open treatment room to support up to three cots as well as an emergency stretcher, a triage counter, with base and wall storage cabinets, a sink, and space for two refrigerators, a toilet room with shower, a small private room for making confidential calls, a washer and dryer area with counter space and sink, and a storage closet.

Two fully-accessible toilet rooms are provided with access from the exterior. These will serve to replace the current port-a-let facilities.

Project design completed June 2015; Fund raising underway; Construction planned for 2016.