Daily Work Office

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Project Description

A nonprofit organization that provides one-to-one coaching and technical support to struggling jobseekers, Daily Work approached MSR to design its new space pro bono. Located in the basement of the Christ Church on Capitol Hill in Saint Paul, the existing 420 square-foot space inadequately served the organization's needs.

The Church offered Daily Work an adjacent space that would more than double the size of the current office. Because north-facing windows six feet above the ground are the only source of natural daylight in the new space, the design features lower white walls that bounce light inside, accented with vibrantly colored walls. The square layout of space proved challenging to provide degrees of privacy, while maintaining an overall feeling of openness. To resolve this issue, MSR designed a cube hub in the heart of the office, which houses the reception desk, administrative storage, and director's office. The cube anchors the space and separates public and private areas. The design deftly arranges program elements to fit in the tight space. Six computer stations and a waiting area align the north end, with three main counselor spaces and a small conference area located on the south side. Given the minimal budget, MSR selected simple materials, drywall, paint, and birch plywood for the custom desks and cube surrounds. Derived from the company's logo, a subtle stencil pattern accentuates the cube and sets it apart from the other white wall elements to create a wallpaper effect that fluctuates depending on a viewer's perspective.

Through donated labor and furniture and innovatively used cost-effective materials, MSR created a space that the staff is proud to work in, inspires and uplifts future jobseekers, and demonstrates Daily Work's legitimacy as an organization with a strong and vibrant future.